/stɛp / (say step)

1. a movement made by lifting the foot and setting it down again in a new position, as in walking, running, marching, or dancing.
2. the space passed over or measured by one movement of the foot in stepping: *Two short steps into this place and where will they end? Who will I meet in there and where will the meeting lead? –colin johnson, 1965.
3. the sound made by the foot in stepping.
4. a mark or impression made by the foot on the ground; footprint.
5. the manner of walking; gait.
6. a pace uniform with that of another or others, or in time with music: to that step.
7. a repeated pattern or unit of movement in a dance formed by a combination of foot and body motions.
8. an aerobic exercise of repeated stepping up and down from a small platform.
9. (plural) movements or course in stepping or walking: to retrace one's steps.
10. a very short distance; a distance easily walked.
11. a move or proceeding, as towards some end or in the general course of action: the first step towards peace.
12. a degree on a notional scale: one step up the hierarchy.
13. Music
a. a degree of the scale.
b. the interval between two adjacent scale degrees; a second.
14. a support for the foot in ascending or descending: a step of a ladder; a step of a staircase.
15. (plural) a series of such supports, usually outside, as part of a pathway, the entrance to a house, etc. See front step, back step.
16. (plural) a stepladder.
17. Mechanics, etc. a part or offset resembling a step of a stair.
18. Nautical a socket, frame, or platform for supporting the lower end of a mast.
19. a flat-topped ledge on the face of a quarry.
verb (stepped, stepping)
verb (i)
20. to move, go, etc., by lifting the foot and setting it down again in a new position, or by using the feet alternately in this manner: to step forward.
21. to walk, or go on foot, especially for a few steps or a short distance: please step this way.
22. to move with measured steps, as in a dance.
23. to go briskly or fast, as a horse.
24. to come easily as if by a step of the foot: to step into a fortune.
25. to press with the foot, as on a lever, spring, or the like, in order to operate some mechanism.
verb (t)
26. to take (a step, pace, stride, etc.).
27. to go through or perform the steps of (a dance).
28. to move or set (the foot) in taking a step.
29. to make or arrange in the manner of a series of steps.
30. Nautical to fix (a mast) in its step.
31. a step away, (sometimes followed by from) very close.
32. break step, to stop marching or walking in step.
33. in step,
a. moving in time with and on the same foot as others.
b. in harmony or conformity.
34. in steps and stairs, in small even gradations.
35. out of step,
a. not moving in time with and on the same foot as others.
b. not in harmony or conformity.
36. step by step, by degrees; gradually.
37. step down,
a. to decrease.
b. to resign; relinquish a position, etc.
38. step in, to intervene; become involved.
39. step on (or upon), to put the foot down on, as on the ground, a support, etc.; tread on by intention or accident: to step on a worm.
40. step on it, Colloquial to hasten; hurry.
41. step out,
a. to leave a place, especially for a short time.
b. to walk briskly.
c. US to go out to a social gathering, etc.; walk out.
d. to measure (a distance, ground, etc.) by steps.
42. step up, to increase.
43. step up (to the mark),
a. (of a sportsperson) to accept the challenge of competing, often at a higher level than usual.
b. to meet challenges, especially by taking on additional responsibility.
44. take steps, to initiate a course of action.
45. watch one's step, to go, behave, etc., with caution.
{Middle English; Old English steppe, stepe, stæpe}
steplike, adjective
stepper, noun

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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